Superex NRG 12V Power Inverter - 1500 Watts
Superex NRG 12V Power Inverter - 1500 Watts
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Product Model #:  50-371
Brand:  NRG
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Power up your ride with  this powerful Superex Vehicle Power Inverter. Our bargain hunters found a great deal on factory overstock SuperEx gadgets for home and auto: for example, on these sturdy power inverters. We helped a warehouse that needed to open up inventory space, negotiating a great price that we're passing right along to you. But act fast: these deals are only good while our stock holds out. So get yours today!

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Product Description

Superex NRG 12V Power Inverter - 1500 Watts

Charge up your ride with this powerful Superex Vehicle Power Inverter. Just connect it to your vehicle - either through its 12 Volt adapter, or by attaching directly to the battery - and you'll have convenient access to household-grade AC power on the go, for wherever life takes you. With 1500 Watts of continuous power, you’ll be able to charge smartphones and laptops, power gaming consoles and monitors, even medical devices such as a CPAP; and you can do it all at once! This dynamo can even power appliances like microwaves, or power tools like a circular saw; opening the doors to a world of possibility. With three AC outlets, a USB port, and LED indicator light, you can charge on the go with no worries. Perfect for road trips, camping, tailgating, or just getting away from it all, this converter works with automobiles, boats, RVs, and more: any situation where you want to transform vehicle power into household power.


  • 1500 Watts
  • 12 Volt to 110 Power Inverter
  • 3 x AC Outlets
  • 1 x USB Outlet
  • Portable Design for easy Transport
  • High Surge Capacity
  • Model 50-371

Product SKU:  50371


UPC:  569860072810

Product Weight:  6.2500 lbs.