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Spin Sweeper Genie
Spin Sweeper Genie Spin Sweeper Genie Spin Sweeper Genie Spin Sweeper Genie
Spin Sweeper Genie
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Product Model #:  TEK237
Brand:  Specialty Products Brands
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Put your broom and dust pan away and get a Spin Sweeper Genie!  This bargain is coming your way due to an excess of inventory which allowed us to snag these up at an amazing discounted price.  Limited quantity get yours before it?s too late!

$19.99* You Save: 30%

Product Description

Spin Sweeper Genie

The Spin Sweeper Genie can be used all around your home.  Simply push the handle and the 2 - 360° rotating brushes will start to sweep all the dust and dirt away.  Once the dust and dirt is collected, they will be drawn into the center compartment and stored.  With just one push of a button the dirt tray will open, and the dust and dirt can be emptied and poured out into the trash can.  Get one today and make cleaning a breeze!


  • Cordless lightweight sweeper with 2 - 360° rotating brushes
  • No electricity needed
  • Cleans in any direction with quiet, simple operation
  • Easy to remove dirt pan
  • Suitable for most hard surfaces such as wood, tile, vinyl and more
  • Model TEK237


Product SKU:  TEK237

UPC:  814387022377

Product Weight:  1.9400 lbs.