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P90X Recovery Kit
P90X Recovery Kit
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Product Model #:  PX9271AA
Brand:  P90X
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In our search for bargains, we sometimes come across warehouse closures that require vendors to quickly sale their products.  In this case, we were able to obtain P90X fitness equipment at deep discounts and are now passing the deal directly to you!

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Product Description

P90X Recovery Kit

The P90X Recovery Kit includes a recovery stick, recovery ball, and stretch bands.  The recovery stick and recovery ball are ideal for sore and tight muscles/ speeds recovery post workout.  There are 3 stretch bands with 3 resistance levels (light, medium, heavy) which are ideal for warm up and recovery.  This recovery set has everything you need to recover from your workout.   Plus, it?s compact and portable for home, office, and travel!


  • Includes: recovery stick, recovery ball and stretch bands
  • Recovery stick/3 independent massage rollers/recovery ball
  • Works large and small muscle groups
  • Ideal for sore and tight muscles/speeds recovery post workout
  • Stretch Bands/ideal for warm up and recovery has 3 resistance levels (light, medium, heavy)
  • Effortless setup
  • Extremely durable for higher intensity
  • Model PX9271AA

Product SKU:  PX9271AA

UPC:  654602192719

Product Weight:  1.9200 lbs.