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ART+SOUND Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

The AR6001WH Wireless Shower Speaker from Art Sound is a multi-purpose addition to any shower. The splash-proof speaker holds up against misty conditions and stray sprays from the shower. The fog-less mirror has a built-in LED light that shines brightly to ensure you don’t miss a spot while shaving. A built-in accessory hook can be used to hold various items, such as a razor or loofah, to keep things neat and within reach.

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Polaroid Bluetooth Stereo 3pc Portable & Rechargeable System

Another great deal coming your way due to a warehouse closure that forced its vendor to quickly liquidate.  We were able to negotiate and snag some amazing deals which we are sharing with you.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save!

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DynaTrap DT250IN Indoor Insect Trap (Refurbished)